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Money Pro Tips was created for one reason – to help regular people stop falling short with their finances.

Our first target was payday loans. We all know about the dangers of these companies and how they absolutely do not have one’s best interests at heart, so we decided to help people who are stuck in payday loan hell, and them them get debt free.

Once we’ve made some inroads there, we will move into other areas as well, such as peer to peer lending and other more wholesome means of raising capital.

Please note that what sets us apart from other financial sites is that we are not certified financial advisors, it’s important to make that distinction.

Of course, we do not just BS or make stuff up as we go along either. Everything we publish is thoroughly researched, but as we are not “money gurus”, we know how everyday people like you think, and that gives us a slight edge.

We don’t just understand our audience, we’re part of it!

However, if you do see something that you disagree with or think is wrong, we urge you to contact us and let us know!


Team MoneyPro